4th Congressional District Candidacy

Today I filed for candidacy as a Republican in Utah’s 4th Congressional District. I did this because many people have expressed their desire to me to have additional choices available in the 4th District

The federal government’s efforts to address the real concerns of American families and businesses are inadequate and often inappropriate for Utah and the nation. Voters in the 4th District have clearly demonstrated a desire to elect public servants who will place the needs of their constituents and our state above their own personal political ambitions. Voters in the 4th District want solutions-based conservative representation over partisan confrontation, which is what I offer as a candidate.

My service in both the public and private sectors has shown the efficacy of placing people before politics; of adhering to practical, conservative principles; and of pursuing real and durable solutions rather than short-term partisan victories.

I have watched the candidate filings closely with the hope that additional quality applicants would come forward. I have filed to allow a time for me and my supporters to study the need for and feasibility of my candidacy. I will soon make a decision regarding whether this step would be a good for fit for Utah, my family, and myself.

– Jennifer Johnson